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My style of reading hands has evolved from wanting to understand why I could read hands. Why what I was reading in people’s hands was so accurate. Being told it was a spiritual imprint didn’t satisfy my craving for understanding; and being told that doing readings meant being born with a divine gift, and could not be taught, also didn’t stop me from wanting to know how reading hands really works.

In studying cells I found a connection to what I see as what some call Great Spirit, The Universe and other names that relate to a Superior Divine Power that connects All that is together.

I relate to things in patterns and cycles and the associations of these. I see us as a reflection of our own individual rhythms, patterns, and cycles of cause and effect. Our vibes.

In a psychic/intuitive reading it is possible to also interpret these vibes and sum them up in short summations. Then on an intuitive level the conclusions are offered as a psychic report or predictions. I also work with Tarot, I Ching, Lots, and other methods of divination that reflect the pattern or cycle of the moment and reflects it back for understanding, reflection and clarity.

In hand analysis, which I practice, the process of a person’s individualistic “rhythms, patterns, cycles of cause and effect” is shown in the various combinations of a myriad of features in a person’s hands. The same process is used in all forms of astrology as we are comparing the precise mechanisms behind what makes a person ‘tick’ to the influences of the cosmos in which they reside and vibrate.

I enjoy discussing with other hand enthusiasts, the various hand features, to learn more viewpoints and be inspired to gain even greater understanding in how our hands relate to our own individuality, functionality as well as our spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

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With hand in heart and heart in hand,

Patti Lightflower

Curious Student & Professional Practitioner of Palm Reading

(Palmistry, Hand Analysis, Cheirology, Limb Developmental Biology, and Dermatoglyphics)

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