The Real Jill

Jill Stein, Green Party Presidential Candidate for 2016

As the sun goes down across the continental USA on the eve of the 2016 Presidential Election, I find myself falling into the category of undecided. Truly undecided. Not uninformed. Struggling through the propaganda, the fear mongering, the crude accusations, insults and non stop breaking news or leaks I found myself looking at the third party option. I openly lean toward the side that at least appears to be the least corrupt or least war mongering, so this is why I chose to take a closer look at Jill Stein first.

I’m writing this ‘on the wing’ so to speak. Reading in the moment, I’ll share with you what I see in her hands.

At first glance you will notice the prominent knuckles on her fingers. In palmistry, or hand analysis, knuckles that noticeably bulge out relate to slowing the energy that flows through them down for deeper considerations. Smooth fingered people have super fast realizations and insights but those with the knotty knuckles have a need to stop and look at what’s trying to flow through. They are perceptive and analytical in their ability to connect the dots to try to make sense of things.

Jill’s nails appear to mostly be wider than they are long with the exception of the little fingers in the photos that I have been able to find. Nail width relates to amount of physical energy as compared to mental effort a person has to offer. Her wide nails show that she is a physically active person. ┬áThe length of the nails, before they break away from the quick and grow out, relates to how fast or slow a person is to react. In the photos we can see that her nails are short, showing she is quick to react. Combining the shortness with the width would show that she can be impatient and quick to react. She may even be a bit over-reactive and quick tempered. This would be even more true with a short wide thumb nail. The less wide little finger nail would temper this energy some with calmer communication and personal interactions. These qualities are balanced also with other features such as the long fingers and knotty knuckles.

Long fingers are a sign of someone who likes to think and plan things out. Details are important. The sections of her fingers seem to be fairly balanced. The tips are full but not the longest section. If too long the owner would be very idealistic, a dreamer. I think hers show she’s a dreamer but is realistic in her visions. Middle phalanges relate to thinking about and planning out the ideas from the fingertips. This section is longer than the tips and the base from what I can tell. She is a thinker and a planner. So she gets ideas quickly and becomes inspired and fired up and then spends a lot of time planning and thinking things out weighing and balancing one concept against another. With the base section being fairly lean, she is not greedy or materialistic.

On the palm side, we can see she has deep clear creases. To me, this would show that her feelings run deep and she is loyal, true and consistent. Her heart line, the deep crease curving under the fingers in the palms relates to her emotional nature. The deeper, consistent and clearer it is, usually refers to strong connections to others with sincere deep feelings. She wants to be and be seen as someone that can be counted on. This line rises toward her index finger apparently in both hands (need better photos to be sure). Rising toward the base of the index finger shows she’s optimistic and wants to give people the benefit of the doubt.

The strength you see above in the middle and index fingers compared to the ring and little fingers lead me to feel that she is more about the needs of the public than her personal needs or desires. Combined with her optimistic heart line, being of service comes natural. Her low set little fingers with their unusual kink to the mid sections, and markings at the beginning of her life lines, imply to me that she had to struggle against quite a few odds and obstacles while growing up. Her natural optimism and desire to serve has made her early experiences part of her wisdom, strength and inner driving force.

Her head lines are long with fine branches trailing off at the ends. The beginning looks deeper and stronger than the ending in her right hand but the left shows a very clear strong ending. ┬áThe head line is the line that runs from the thumb side of the hand, under the index finger horizontally across the palm. It shows how a person thinks and expresses their thoughts. Long head lines show patience and concentration. A clear ending shows she’s good at following through to the end in a consistent fashion from her starting point. The right hand with fine branches at the end would show the ability to delegate and to accept compromise in the results in allowing others to be a part.

Fate lines are the long vertical lines that typically run from near the base of the palm toward the middle fingers. They can be long or short and you can have more than one. They also can rise from or from within the life line. Often it runs parallel to the life line. This line represents our sense of direction in life and our sense of productivity. Jill’s fate lines can be seen as running down into the corner of her palms, or rising from the corner of her palms – whichever you’d like to view them as directed. I read them in both directions.

(To be continued: posting this now for those that are waiting for it and finishing this blog post in the morning)


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