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Hand Analysis

Early Humans left images of their hands on cave walls and their thumb prints on pottery, leaving behind symbols of their existence and individuality.

Literature throughout history is filled with examples of our desire to express our originality and to explore the mysteries of ourselves.

Over the decades palmists have developed methods to decipher the various hand features and gain insights into our individuality, experiences and potentials.

Fingerprints gained popularity and credibility as unique to each individual in the late 1800's.  By the early 1900's researchers were studying the genetics of the creases (lines) and dermatoglyphics (skin ridges).

Tented Arch Fingerprint

These studies continue today comparing and counting the ridges and studying crease formations found in various syndromes and diseases.

Researchers are actively involved in comparing hand features to personality profile indicators such as the NEO PI-R or the MBTI.

Recent studies have been done comparing finger lengths to gender. The pre-historic hand prints made on many of the cave walls are likely made by females as well as males. This hypothesis is based on work by John Manning which involved comparing the index and ring finger lengths, a process known as 2D:4D.






Patti Lightflower

Patti Lightflower

  • The various features of your hands can be analyzed and interpreted to paint a very insightful and accurate picture of how you handle and express your emotions, mind and life style.


  •  Your hands hold a map to knowing yourself, let me be your guide.


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