Patti Lightflower – Hand Analysis of Presidential Candidates

Streamed live on Apr 6, 2016
“International Hand Analysis Reader, Patti Lightflower, gave amazing insight on Photos of Hands of Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz and John Kasich on Ann Marie’s Tarot Joy at Achieve Radio TV”

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton - Hands

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders - Hands

Donald Trump

Donald Trump - Hands

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz - Hands

John Kasich

John Kasich - Hands

About Patti

Palmistry for Self-Awareness, I love People, Animals, Life, Palmistry, Dance, Art, Feng Shui, Astronomy, Astrology, I Ching, Science, Energy, Frequency, Music, and Nature. My nearly life long passion has been studying and reading hands.
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