Meter, Gauge & Diagnostic Tool at Arm’s Length

Meter, Gauge & Diagnostic Tool at Arm’s Length

By Patti Lightflower

“Man is the meter of all things, the hand is the instrument of instruments, and the mind is the form of forms.” ~ Aristotle


Nearly all teachers and authors of books on Hand Analysis, or Palmistry, bring forward this quote from Aristotle. This is mainly because it is from a great philosopher of antiquity, yet it is a very profound description for our hands. Our hands are the instrument of instruments. They help us measure and explore our universe. Within their intricate design and formation are features that retain a record of how we developed from only weeks after conception with features that can be analyzed both qualitatively and quantitatively. These features show the individuals we were intended to become based on the instructions of our genetics and bio-genetics. Recent research has revealed that it might be possible for the emotional reactions to experiences as well as a sense of an ancestral mission may be passed down genetically for generations. Our hands also contain features that show how the current environment contributed, and continues to contribute to creating each of us as a unique individual based on a number of factors.

We take for granted the things our hands do for us. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. They so quickly follow our brain’s commands as if they were their own. Often they respond in reflex rather than based on conscious thought such as scratching an itch or reaching for something that dropped. In addition, these features record our preferences, our reactions to our experiences, abilities, and the motivations that inspire us to express ourselves. They reflect our attitudes, our sense of well-being and the level of energy we have to manifest our dreams. Our hands contain a variety of touch sensors that connect directly to our emotional and mental selves. They relay both conscious and subconscious data about our immediate environment.

Looking at your own hands, you’ll notice that the left and right hands do not perfectly match. This reflects the differences between your inner and outer self. One side is the person you show the world and the other is the one that is more comfortable around close friends and family. This is contrary to a traditional view that you are born with one hand and the other is what you make of life, or one is the past and the other is the future. Odds are you were born with both hands and they both reflect the past reactions and future tendencies. The more differences between the two hands, the more differences there are between what you show the world and what you are not comfortable with revealing of yourself publicly. Combining the two gives insights into inner motivations and restrictions along with actual efforts, including where there are blocks and where things flow more actively.

Today’s hand reading is less about memorizing lists of meanings and applying that meaning to every hand that has that single feature in a generalized one reading fits many sort of way. It is now more about combining features to come to a deeper understanding of the inner reasons as to why we are who we are and do the things we do in the way that we do. You will notice in your own hands layers of terrain. A closer study of your palm shows a surface area with its valleys and hills. Take note of the texture of this surface with the creases running like rivers cutting through rows of ridged skin. All of this can be interpreted to describe you as an individual with a sense of purpose, mission or preferred path in life.

We come into this world with hands that began to form permanent features as early as seven weeks after conception and are complete at about eighteen weeks. Features such as the bone ratios in the hand bones are comparable to adults around this time. The head line, the last of the three major creases (head, heart & life), forms at about thirteen to fourteen weeks after conception. How we express our feelings, our level of being open or closed in our views is already in place along with social preferences such as being an extrovert or introvert long before we take our first breath of air.  Who we are as people forms early, and how we deal with life shows in the meters, gauges and design of our hands, the instrument of instruments.

A good hand analysis will help a person see themselves as they were designed genetically to be in combination with how being in and of this world influences who we become. In many ways, as both biological and spiritual beings combined, our hands allow us insights into our sense of why we’re here, who we are and what motivates us to express ourselves, or not.

Hand Analysis is beneficial in times like now when we’re looking at how so many of us realize that people who we care very much for can have completely opposite view points about things that are dear to our hearts. It is one of the best methods to look at an individual in a non-judgmental way and get an understanding for where they are coming from, even if you still don’t agree.

Having your hands interpreted allows you to better understand yourself and the person you were born to be. It is a wonderful confirmation of who you are, where you’ve been and where you are going. My students and clients come from all walks of life. Some may come just out of curiosity, but many are teachers, counsellors, coaches, therapists, seekers, mystics and anyone that wants to better understand themselves and others. I’ll be offering several levels of classes and workshops again this year as well as building an online learning center for Hand Analysis of the Future. Please visit my web page for the current schedule.

Article originally published in Feb/Mar 2017 Issue of Infinity Magazine

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