In The Beginning There Were Hands – Part 1

It’s not an easy task to read the hands of an infant as they will instinctively pull them away and curl them into tight little fists.  The complex and complete hands of a newborn are in the process of forming and becoming shaped into their present state only a few weeks after conception with some features actually being permanent months before birth.  Many aspects such as fingerprints are fairly consistent throughout our entire lives as a constant reflection and reminder of our individual and unique patterns of vibration.  Many of the personal characteristics that are being interpreted, using Palmistry, from the combination of the glyphs, structure, and other hand features, formed months before birth and last a lifetime.  Other characteristics become altered as a reflection of how we are influenced by our experiences and the environment.

The skin ridges, also known as dermatoglyphics, useful for grip and the sense of touch, form a permanent pattern across our palms and fingers that have been, for decades, categorized and classified as individual identification markers.  These roving rows and fields of ridges have been studied in medical research and for statistical purposes. The intricate glyphs and fields of ridges can also be deciphered to reveal a fascinating, personalized characterization of your self.  The patterns that form on your fingertips are your own.  Not even identical twins have identical finger or palm prints, although they may be very similar.  We are all individually wired to pulse and vibrate as one of a kind.

I believe that we come into this world with the tools we need for this life time’s experience.  We are all unique individuals upon this giant hive of an earth abuzz with humanity.  Each of us comes endowed with the blessings of natural skills, desires, and abilities along with the challenges in physical or mental limitations and disabilities.  The task of a professional hand analyst is to interpret the structure and features of the hands and relay back to the hand’s owner a description of these capabilities and challenges in a way that best supports a person on their life path.

Our experiences leave their imprint on us not only at the core of our being,  on a cellular level, but in outward physical ways that can be observed in our faces, our stance and in the palms of our hands.

Your hands are a powerful personal pathway for getting to “know thyself”.  Having your hands read by a professional palm reader can give you insights into the combination of preferences, traits, experiences, interests, desires, and capabilities that come together as you!  It’s a confirmation of your individuality and unique life path.

in joy and peace,

Patti Lightflower

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Palmistry for Self-Awareness, I love People, Animals, Life, Palmistry, Dance, Art, Feng Shui, Astronomy, Astrology, I Ching, Science, Energy, Frequency, Music, and Nature. My nearly life long passion has been studying and reading hands.
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